What is our mission?

What do we do?

If you are struggling with your car`s interior look and how it should be, this site is for you.

When you buy a new automobile, there are a lot of aspects to consider. As a driver, you will surely pay attention to its interior look. But the difficulty is that you cannot experience the real feeling of it before buying. And this is where the site will help, by giving you some insights about cars` interiors.

Interiorlook.net offers a wide range of details of cars` interior looks for all interested drivers to check out. It can be helpful especially if you are trying to make your decision on which car model to choose after browsing through their car exterior look section first. Other good things about these websites are that they often provide information on the latest new launches in the automotive industry together with their new trends on interiors.

When visiting Interiorlook.net you will read not only the most essential details about the salon but also such data as door locks and panic alarms. As a future owner, you have to be fully aware of all these new features. Interiorlook.net deals not only with the aspects of a car`s interior look but also its safety and technological properties. Thus, you can gain information on the latest multimedia systems, which nowadays are almost obligatory for each car model sold in the market.

Our mission is to offer users a simple to use service that will offer them all the necessary information on car interiors. We are sure our readers will appreciate our work and find it useful, so do not hesitate to visit us again for more updates!

Who is our founder?

Teófila Loera Ruvalcaba is the founder of Interiorlook.net, a website that features lovely and neaty interiors from around the world. She has been in love with interior design ever since she was little and taught law at her university in Mexico City for six years before moving to London, where she now lives.

She loves swimming and sunbathing when the weather permits it! Her favorite things to do are car driving and teaching law - two very different fields.