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How Does Ford F-150 look inside?

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Examine Ford F-150 interior features across trims and years

While the exterior dimensions of your Ford F-150 are important for understanding if your truck is short enough to fit the parking place near the supermarket or low enough to park in the garage of your aunt, the interior space is essential for our comfort. And especially the comfort of our family. 


The Ford F-150 has three cab modifications: regular, SuperCab, and Supercrew. The regular model has only one seat row for two or three people. Five or six people can sit in both Super cab models. Both seat rows of the Ford F-150 are comfortable and let you enjoy the personal space. Some trims allow folding the front seats to almost flat 180 degrees, which will probably bring you a better napping experience than other pickups. The backseats of the SuperCab and SuperCrew modifications have LATCH connectors for child seats.


Headroom is the distance between your seat and the roof of the car. This parameter shows how comfortably a tall person can sit inside his Ford F-150. The front headroom for all three cabs is the same and equals 40.8 inches. The headroom for those who sit at the back of the SuperCab model is 40.3 inches, while the SuperCrew one has 40.4 inches of space.


Legroom is the space available for your legs when you sit in a car. The front legroom in the Ford F-150 is pretty spacious and is the same for all three cab types equalling 43.9 inches. The rear legroom of the SuperCab is a bit less comfortable with its 33.5 inches; however, the 43.6 inches of the SuperCrew model let you feel relaxed when sitting at the back seat row of your Ford. 

Shoulder Room

Another criteria for your Ford F-150 inner space is its shoulder rooms. You measure it horizontally across the entire seat, so this number simply shows you the width of your seat. The Ford F-150 front shoulder rooms are equal to 66.7 inches for the regular, SuperCab, and SuperCrew cab types. The rear shoulder rooms for both 4-door Super cabs are pretty much the same, too: 66.1 and 66.0 inches.

Hip Room

The hip rooms show the width of the bottom parts of your seats in the Ford F-150. The same number for the front rows of each cab type - 62.5 inches, and the back seats boast a couple of inches more, totaling 62.6 inches for SuperCab and SuperCrew assemblies.

2021 Ford F-150 Features

The newest Ford F-150 models include USB ports, Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi hotspot, an infotainment system called SYNC 4, and a big touch screen from 8 to 15.5 inches. Ford’s SYNC 4 allows multiple tasks to entertain and communicate in your pickup. Interactive Adaptive Dash Cards always keep popular or recently used functions displayed for you to quickly pause the music, initiate calls, or use the internet to navigate or check parking prices.


The interior look of Ford F-150 may differ a bit between trim levels, for example, top configurations usually offer more features.

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